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The Herencia Latina Center is one of the cultural centers on campus that engages with students and provides them with support services to succeed. Promoting Latino/Hispanic culture while facilitating student success by fostering and nourishing an equitable, inclusive campus community, 我们重视的地方, 珍惜, and respect all cultures of every individual. We encourage students to engage in a serious academic journey while cultivating a campus atmosphere conducive to safe learning.

In a culturally supportive environment, we discuss your academic and career goals, and help you transition into the college environment. You can also develop your academic and professional skills through variety of workshops, or simply join in the fun and meet new people through a variety of activities and cultural events

El Centro Herencia Latina es una herramienta útil que está dispuesto a ayudarte y conectarte con la comunidad del Colegio de San Juan. Tu éxito es importante, y queremos ayudarte a comenzar el camino correcto para avanzar en tu educación.

¡El Centro de Herencia Latina es tu hogar fuera del hogar!

The Herencia Latina Center assists in recruiting students through events and collaborates with various departments on the SJC campus: 捆扎, 三个优势, Student Activities, 引导路径, and the Native American Center Programs along with external community partners.

We are committed to serve and mentor students from a diverse perspective while creating a “home away from home,” a sense of belonging for you to thrive throughout your educational career at SJC!


  • Enthusiastically seek opportunities for effective and collegial collaboration with internal and external partners to provide resources for advancement and leadership opportunities to current students.
  • Effectively navigate different paths for student success, particularly those from historically underrepresented populations.
  • 识别, 验证, 拥抱, 分享, and celebrate the group and individual characteristics of our students.
  • Actively participate in recruiting and outreach efforts to invite prospective students, particularly those from historically underrepresented populations, to enjoy the benefits of engaging as SJC students.
  • Continually provide advising and other support services to guide students through their educational journey toward program and/or goal completion.

How can the Herencia Latina Center help you?

  • 学术顾问
  • 奖学金
  • FAFSA – 金融援助
  • Spanish and English Tutoring
  • Computer and Software Access
  • Friendly Cultural Environment
  • Service Learning Opportunities
  • 个人建议
  • Graduate with a custom Serape Stole

Located in the Learning Commons in the Student Sun’s Lounge, 1616房间.

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The mission of the Herencia Latina Center is to serve students as a resource for their educational achievement by providing retention programs, 深思熟虑, and support and to create cultural awareness among the campus and local communities.

“Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves-and be free” César E. 查韦斯

捆扎 Ambassador Application

The 捆扎 Ambassador application is now available! Become a student leader while serving your community!


The Herencia Latina Center collaborates in offering a culturally supportive environment by promoting activities and events such as:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • 亡灵节
  • Commemoratory of Cesar 查韦斯
  • 五月五日节